Black Drum Unit Konica Minolta A2XN0RD


Black Drum Unit Konica Minolta A2XN0RD |


Katun Performance Black Drum Unit: Equivalent to DR-512K, DR-512K Compatible, Remanufactured; Priced Each, Sold Each. 15 Boxes per Master Carton: OEM Model: Konica Minolta A2XN0RD; Konica Minolta DR512K – For use in: BIZHUB 224 E, BIZHUB 284 E, BIZHUB 364 E, BIZHUB 454 E, BIZHUB 554 E, BIZHUB C 224, BIZHUB C 224 E, BIZHUB C 284, BIZHUB C 284 E, BIZHUB C 364, BIZHUB C 364 E, BIZHUB C 454, BIZHUB C 454 E, BIZHUB C 554, BIZHUB C 554 E

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in



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